Bird Haven Greenhouse (Joliet / New Lenox)

Bird Haven Greenhouse & Conservatory sits on three acres of land within a 660-acre site, comprised of Pilcher Park and Higginbotham Woods. It is located at 225 N Gougar Rd, Joliet, IL (815) 741-7278

The Greenhouse & Conservatory was constructed at its current site in the early 1900's. This Italian Renaissance-style facility, designed by Lord and Burnham Company, features spectacular floral shows with seasonal motifs during the fall, winter, and spring. Year-round attractions are offered with a tropical house, cacti room, and show house.

Bird Haven is an EXTREMELY popular location for photography sessions especially if there's unexpected rain.


Bird Haven Greenhouse and Conservatory requires a photography permit of $20 / hour and are handled on a first come, first served basis.


The property has a large 75 space parking lot located along the west side of Gougar Rd. A secondary lot is located on the North end of the property behind the banquet hall with an additional 60 spaces.

Below are examples of some photos Dabo's Fotos has taken at Bird Haven Greenhouse and Conservatory: