Professional Headshot & Modeling Packages

Package 1: $75

1-hour session
1 look / outfit
1 fully retouched high resolution digital image
90 days of online gallery viewing
Basic edits on all images for viewing via online gallery
Social media download of the chosen retouched image*
All headshot sessions are conducted in Dabo's Fotos' home studio in Lombard, IL. On-location shoots are available at an additional fee of $50

Package 2: $150

2 hour session
3 looks / outfits
4 fully retouched high resolution digital images
90 days of online gallery viewing
basic edits on all images*
Social Media Download of 4 chosen retouched images**
Up to 2 in studio backdrop

Package 3: $350

Up to 5 hour session
5 looks / outfits
6 fully retouched high resolution digital images
90 days of online gallery viewing
Basic edits on all images*
Social Media Download of ALL images**
On-location fee waived
Up to 3 nearby locations or 3 in-studio backdrops


Wallets (sheet of 8) : $10
Wallets (sheet of 4) : $5
(1) 3x5 : $5
(1) 4x6 : $5
(1) 5x7 : $10
(1) 8x10 : $15
(1) 11x14 : $30
(1) 16x20 : $75
(1) 20x24 : $115
(1) 24x36 : $225

Canvas Wraps

(1) 8x10 : $210
(1) 10x20 : $270
(1) 11x14 : $240
(1) 14x14 : $270
(1) 16x16 : $280
(1) 16x20 : $30
(1) 20x24 : $380

12 month photo calendar : $100

Digital Media

High Resolution Download (jpgs only) : $150

Dabo's Fotos supports our troops and first responders. Receive a 10% discount on services for those who are currently or formerly in the United States Military, or first responders with proper identification.

* While conducting basic edits (color, contrast and exposure) on your portrait photography, Dabo's Fotos may choose to change a few photos to black & white, muted color or selective color. These are specialized edits and are made solely at Dabo's Fotos discretion. These edited images and the original color version will be available for print purchase or High Resolution Download (if you've purchased the High Resolution Jpegs). Should you wish to have other images edited in a way you prefer, Dabo's Fotos may conduct these edits at an additional charge (which will be determined on case by case basis and will be based on the complexity of the edit. Some edits including but not limited to teeth / eye whitening, face / head / body part swapping, removal of other elements of the photograph etc may have to be out-sourced to 3rd party editor. Prices for such edits can range anywhere from $25-$100+ per hour. Dabo's Fotos uses the best and most cost effective image manipulation specialists.
** Social Media Images: All basic and specially edited images are made available for download via These images range in size from 600-700 pixels on the long side. They have the Dabo's Fotos logo on the image and are specially made so you may post them to social media websites and share them via email. Dabo's Fotos gives you permission to post the photos as is online and share them via email. You may NOT remove the logo from the image or crop it out. By downloading Social Media Images Dabo's Fotos does NOT give you permission to print the photos in any way. Doing so is illegal without a proper written consent from Dabo's Fotos via a an official watermarked Dabo's Fotos Print Release document.
***A nearby location is 5 miles or less