Cantigny Gardens (Wheaton)

Cantigny Park and Gardens – Wheaton

Cantigny was originally the estate of United States Army Colonel Robert McCormick used as an experimental farm developing new types of plants and theories for farming. After McCormick died in 1955, Cantigny hired a renowned landscape architect Franz Lipp to design a beautiful garden which now includes over 250 acres of more than 160,000 perennials, annuals and other trees and shrubs. Cantigny also houses a museum dedicated to the Army's 1st infantry division as well as several tanks from WWI, WWII, Vietnam War, Desert Storm and other conflicts. Cantigny's gardens appeared as a scene in the major motion picture "A League of their Own."


Cantigny requires a permit for all professional photography taken on their grounds. The price of the permit depends on the type of photography

Permit Fees

(Large Group : 7 + people) : $100

(Small Group : 1 - 7 people) : $35


FEE : 

$5 per car

$10 per car

Limos: $20, Mini Buses/Trolley: $40,
Large Buses: $80


Armed Forces Day

Constitution Day

Veterans Day

March - Dec (First Wednesday of month)



Sat + Sun & Memorial Day (June-Sept)



May 15

September 17

November 11

First Wednesday of the month

There are two large parking lots for Cantigny guests. One on the North end of the park and one on the South end of the park.

GARDENS and MANSION - for photos in the gardens near the mansion, use the North parking lot.

TANKS and 1ST INFANTRY MUSEUM - for photos at the tanks and near the 1st Infantry Museum, use the parking lot to the south. .

Information on planning a visit to Cantigny:
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