Downtown Wheaton

For over 150 years , the downtown area has flourished as the business district of Wheaton. Founded in 1859, Wheaton quickly became an important bustling town with it being the DuPage County seat and it's valuable railroad real estate. Many of the building's outdoor facades in the downtown area have been restored to their original or very close to their original appearance. Wheaton offers many great outdoor urban backgrounds with its old brick and stone buildings some with the iron fire escapes. If you're looking for an urban feel also like a natural look to your images, Wheaton offers 2 fantastic parks within the downtown area. Both Adams Park and Memorial Park offer beautiful natural backdrops year round. The Adams Park Fountain is on from late spring through early fall.


The city of Wheaton, Adams Park and Memorial Park do not require a permit for professional photography on their property.


Parking is free and available in most places around the downtown area. Parking is available south of Adams Park on Wesley St. and south of Memorial park on Karlskoga Ave. and behind Egg'lectic Cafe on the south east corner of Hale St. and E. Wesley St. There are two parking garages. One garage is located at the northeast corner of Wheaton Ave and Front street (behind a vacant building which is across the street from Sushi Omono) and be and has a beautiful unobstructed view of the sunrise from the top level. Parking is free Saturday and Sunday. The other garage is located on the northwest corner of Cross St and E. Willow Ave. (across the street from the DuPage Medical Group building) and has a fantastic unobstructed view of the sunset from the top level. Parking is free all the time. Further parking information can be obtained from Wheaton's website at:

The city of Wheaton, Adams Park and Memorial Park do not require photography permits or fees to photograph on city or park district property.

Below are examples of some photos Dabo's FOTOS has taken in downtown Wheaton: