Fabyan Forest Preserve (Geneva)


Fabyan Forest Preserve is a two sided area separated by the Fox River. There are many amazing locations to take beautiful photos including a large foot bridge over the river, a giant windmill, grassy hill, wooded area with prairie type plants, a large stone structure, several gardens, a Japanese Garden and a fifty foot long ivy covered arbor.


Fabyan does not require a photography permit for the majority of it's grounds. HOWEVER, a permit is required for the Japanese Garden and no professional photography is allowed during public hours. The price of the permit is not listed on the website but I think it's around $150 for 30 minutes. I could be wrong on that but I know it's high for a short period of time.


With Fabyan being split on both sides of the Fox River there is ample parking available on both sides. There are two connected lots on the west side of the river ( and one lot on east side of the river.

FOREST, ARBOR, MANSION, GARDENS, JAPANESE GARDEN - For photos at the forest, picinic grounds, arbor, mansion, gardens and Japanese Garden, use the North parking lot on the WEST side of the river.

WINDMILL, BRIDGE and ISLAND - For photos at the windmill, bridge and island use the parking lot on the EAST side of the river.

​​Below are examples of some photos Dabo's Fotos has taken at the Fabyan Forest Preserve: