Riverview Farmstead Preserve (Naperville)


The 387-acre Riverview Farmstead Preserve was acquired between 1994 and 2012.

The preserve is part of the Forest Preserve District of Will County and the DuPage River preservation system, which conserves more than 1,500 acres. Prior to the District's acquisition of the land, it was the site of a farmstead settled and built by the Clow family in the 1800s. Cultural resources protected at the preserve include a mid-1800s limestone house, an early frame residence that had been converted to a barn, and a large timber frame barn.

The preserve features beautiful walking paths along the DuPage River, a beautiful large red barn, a farm house that are all available for photos.


Forest Preserve District of Will County requires a photography permit: $25 / hour


The preserve is located south of the intersection of Book Rd and Hassert Blvd in Naperville, IL. The small parking lot is located 1000ft south of Hassert Blvd with 45 spaces + 2 handicap spaces. On popular days that parking lot is packed early. Some people have in the past illegally parked along the long driveway but if you choose to do this, do so at your own risk and understand you may receive a ticket.

Below are examples of some photos Dabo's Fotos has taken at Riverview Farmstead Preserve: