Silver Springs State Park (Yorkville)

The State of Illinois purchased the original 1,250-acre area at what is now Silver Springs SFWA in 1969. It is located five miles west of Yorkville in Kendall County. An additional 100 acres have since been added to the site. A 30-acre prairie restoration project began in 1980 and continued in its development with the addition of 15 acres in 1991.

The 45-acre prairie restoration area at Silver Springs SFWA allows visitors to view an area similar to those once dominating the landscape before the settlers tamed the land. For visitors wishing to get a close look at the prairie grass, wildflowers, birds, and animals, a one-mile mowed path winds through the site.

This park is a popular location for various outdoor sports such as camping, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, ice skating, etc. Because hunting is allowed in this park, during hunting season it's imperative that we stay on the designated paths at all times.


The areas marked with red dots are off limits to hunters and available for photography. Loon lake is a beautiful area with lots of open space, hills, trees and trails.


No photography permits are required for Illinois State Parks.


The official address for the park is 13608 Fox Rd., Yorkville, IL. However, please DON'T used this address as Google Maps leads you to the middle of the street. The best option is to plug "Loon Lake, Plano, IL" into your preferred GPS app.


Loon Lake has 3 available parking lots. The main lot of 43 spaces is located approximately 1500 ft. north of Fox Rd. down a small hill. A secondary lot of 14 spaces is located just south-east of the main lot. A bus-only parking lot is located right off Fox Rd., about 300ft west of the Loon Lake main enterance.

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